Setting Up Hanging Planters: 5 Things to Know

What is it that makes hanging planters so appealing? Is it their lavish extravagance, the lush cascade of greenery added to a previously plain room, the ability to experiment with diverse plants, the fragrances & colours, or simply the therapeutic routine of caring for your flock of flowers?

Whatever it is that draws you to hanging planters and keeps you coming back, we’re betting our house it’s not the laborious task of setting them up. Luckily, you have us to help convert this into an easier, more enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re a novice or veteran in the hanging planter world, it always pays to refresh yourself on the basics. Here are 5 tips to help you set up hanging planters without bashing a massive hole in the wall or causing a big hullabaloo.

Get your hanging planter decision right the first time

Coral Industrial Hanging pots


Work out what type of hanging planter will work best in your living space. For example, our Betty industrial planters will look great in a modern apartment while our Reggie copper variety works wonders in quirky kitchens.

All it takes is a tiny bit of deliberation: working out colour coordination, gauging basic dimensions, adding your personal taste to your rationale, that sort of thing. Because once you get informed about the ideal size, colour and style of hanging planter you’re after, the hunting around will become even more enjoyable.

Weight of hanging planter baskets

Once you’ve set your heart on a certain type of hanging planter basket (we sure hope you’ve chosen from our great range), the next step is to assess how heavy it is and how much support you’ll need to keep it, well, hanging.

You don’t need to know exact weights but a degree of commonsense certainly helps. For example, a ceramic pot filled with soil will require more than a nail hammered into a wall. You’ll need more of a structural hook to support it. As such, if you’re renting a property, it might be better to go with a few small, easy-to-hang hanger like our Ethel Industrial hanger that won’t require nearly as much installation.

Find a good spot for it

Ceramic Hanging Pots


With this information, you can then turn your attention to logistics. Take a look at your living space and work out where you’ll be able to hang planters from. Take your time deciding the placement and layout…it’s annoying to have to re-install hooks or faff around unnecessarily. Believe us, we know.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Nearly all plants like sunlight, preferably direct sunlight, so try to position them in a place where they’ll thrive.
  • Maintaining your beautiful hanging plants means regular watering, feeding, pruning, inspecting etc. so position them in an accessible place.
  • Hanging plants sometimes entail falling foliage or dripping so place accordingly.
  • Don’t position your hanging planters too close to walls or you’ll run the risk of your plants growing and rubbing against the wall, leaving marks you’ll have to clean.

Types of hooks needed

A great way to hang planters is to install large screw hooks into ceiling beams. This method is especially effective for heavier ceramic or copper planters, which naturally require a bit more support.

Wall Hooks

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Brass Hanging Pots

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Alternatively, you can use simple, ubiquitous hooks to hang your planters from a window, shelf or wall.

Wall Hanging Plants

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hanging wall planters

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If you’re not really a hook kind of person, there are all manner of wall-mounted brackets that will allow you to hang one or two plants off it.


Wall Hooks

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Wall Hangings

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Choose good soil

Our final tip is to choose good soil. A high quality potting mix or compost should be used for any hanging baskets from the get-go, so that your plants can get the maximum nutrients possible. For real bonus points, add a slow-release fertilizer and mix well before filling the basket.

With all that out of the way, the real fun can begin, by which we mean choosing your hanging plants and enjoying them! Then make sure you read our tips for maintaining hanging plants too, which is full of informative insights about .